Cloud Adoption to accelerate Digital Transformation

More than 50% of the employees are still working remotely and on a semi-permanent basis even after one year of Covid-19. This will require banks and financial institutions to look for online applications that can be accessed from anywhere.  

These online applications not only provide the capability for an employee to work remotely but also provide them secure access to all the records and facilitate collaboration tools.  

Challenges faced by Banking Industries who didn't adopt Cloud:

Especially for banking industries, security is the foremost concern in dealing with sensitive data while working remotely. Banks need to spend an awful amount of time and effort to build their security monitoring capabilitiy on top of spending on digital tools. Also, it is not easy for banks to build all the necessary tools on their own as building and expanding core business is more critical and need substantial energy and focus 

Building the digital tools with high-security standards will be the heavy-lift even for major banks that have their well-equipped internal IT teams.  

Unable to build Future Banking solutions – It is very hard for the technology teams to visualise the current and future scenario of the outside world. IT teams can build the customised software based on the current operational needs of the bank; however,  it generally fails in predominate of the cases to address the future operational needs that restrict the bank to look for a real consumer-centric digital transform for better ROI.   

Did you ever think of cost-effective, secure solution that helps the organisations to accelerate digital transformation?

To address the above key challenges, Macro Global provides future-proofing platforms across the entire business pipeline with great ROI and endless business benefits. Our solutions release the customers from complex people and systems management to growing the business. 

Our FinTech products are intuitive and cost-effective as most of the functions are well thought out adopting customer battlefield challenges and run on straight-through processing engines. 

Being a Microsoft Cloud Partner, Macro Global launched its RegTech & FinTech products in secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform so that the customers can choose and /or upgrade to “Cloud Only” or “On-premises with Cloud adoption” to address BCP and Cost constraints. 

Our Cloud Technology enables a “Fully supercharged, highly secure Cloud Platform” so that the application can be accessed from “Anywhere, Anytime on Any device”. 

As a SaaS model, the Cloud option enables our customers to pay just one set of fees for the entire solution including Hardware, Operating System, Development Framework & Product and top of all everything managed by us. Customers can have complete peace of mind with the confidence that all take care of by us 

Provide utmost accuracy and Complete Peace of mind

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