Macro Global Launches Elixir HMRC DAC6 reporting tool on cloud

We are equally thrilled and excited on a different context with the launch of “Elixir” – DAC6 Reporting Tool”.

Subsequent to my earlier emails last week, I am delighted to announce that the product DAC6 Reporting Tool (HMRC Submission Tool) is ready now and launched on cloud today. As always, I would like to request your support to make the product a resounding success.

What are the major benefits this brings to our customers?

Flexibility and Convenience (as Easy as 1-2-3)

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner and part of our cloud adoption strategy, we are working closely with Microsoft to move most of our products to our private cloud and the mission is to provide “a fully supercharged, single licencing, all-in-one SaaS Platforms” to empower our customers to spend less and leverage more from our product portfolio. Our motto is simple and always as “Customer First” and creating value on everything we do for our customers.

Pls feel free to drop a note if you need more information or need a demo or a trial run on +44 0207 993 2009  or We are absolutely happy to assist you in offering our industry recognised platform that offers full coverage, peace of mind, best in class with absolute value for money.

Are you Ready for DAC6?


MDR / DAC6 Reporting Tool