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FSCS SCV report submission made easy
with our industry leading product
SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform

15+ Banks
7+ Core Banking Platforms
2000+ Audits
150+ Validations
2 Products
10+ Years of Product Maturity
10+ External Data sources
2 Million Records validated each Month

Our SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform is a regulatory reporting solution designed and suitable for the financial institution to control, automate and flexible to meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

It is a complete and compliant FSCS SCV audit solution capable of automatically validating SCV data and comply with FSCS requirements to report on-demand in 24 hours.

Our FSCS SCV Audit report helps you identify inaccuracies and put processes in place to prevent penalties and ensure that your data is duplicate free, consistent and accurate.

Our SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform provides data insights and allows you to correctly identify the individuals and entities to be reported, including exclusion, effectiveness and completeness reports.

Business Benefits​

The Business Consulting team offers support on the Governance and operational practices in the FSCS reporting landscape and ensure that our solution is compliant with current or future FSCS regulation.

Fully automated and allowing validation, data enrichment, and managing account/customer rules.​

Assign different user roles for control over editing of details and submissions.

Our solution generates a data validation report based on current requirements and issues reported by FSCS.

Assistance to submit required documents as per the FSCS requirements.

A risk-based detailed report including the customer and accounts that have not been covered in the mandated output file.

A proven, working solution successfully being used by our clients over 10 plus years to complete their submissions.

We monitor and manage the implementation activities for financial institutions to achieve the objectives within the regulatory timeline.

Data validation reporting to analyse reportable data and highlight any data formatting issues that conflict with the mandatory fields.

A full audit trail which captures exact user details and time stamp.

Exclusion reports include dormant, disputed, sanctioned, and beneficiary accounts.

High-level statistics and summaries on the amount of reportable account/customer which enacts as a guide to complete the Effectiveness report.

Our exception reports would greatly support the financial institutions to update the inaccurate information prior to submission and submit the SCV output file with greater confidence.

Quick to implement and a cost-effective long-term solution for FSCS reporting.

Customers can retain their “Green Status Adherence” with PRA always by having our solutions.

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