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Stay FSCS compliant always with our
SCV Alliance – FSCS SCV Audit Platform​


To overcome the challenges that occur during FSCS SCV report submission and transform your PRA status to Green and retain it in every FSCS drill, you can rely on our matured flagship FSCS SCV auditing tool SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform.

Our FSCS SCV audit solution is designed to help you tackle the challenges around gaining a Single Customer View and develop data quality to promote efficiency in operational readiness and improve accuracy in FSCS SCV Regulatory reporting.

At Macro Global, we firmly believe that it’s simply a case of having the capability to build a consistent actionable dataset that is accurate. We help the firm to transform and unlock the data from a legacy application.

SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform Framework conducts Quality/Health check and Risk Taxonomy of your data to show the integrity and shortfalls which support to derive intended data lineage.

SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform interactive dashboard empowers to visualise the status and progress of static business reporting, highlighting the potential errors which give users the competence to drill down their data to any level of granularity. The system offers an intuitive workspace with the ability to track, monitor, remediate and scale up your data with minimal man-hours.

Our SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform Framework is staged in the cloud and on-premises with integrated business modules including a custom-made design to support high-level data enrichment with choice of multiple input file format and quality data outputs.

SCV Alliance as a data-driven compliance platform for member banks to effectuate the Regulatory requirement. Our data validation rule engine runs hundreds of dissections defined by PRA on your data before submission.

Customers can retain their “Green Status Adherence” with PRA always by having our solutions.

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