Single Customer View

Product Feature

  • One single repository -Full data lineage and traceability.
  • Full reconciliation and publishing of reports
  • Full insight into data & Clear Workflow management
  • SSIS based process using BI best practices
  • Direct data retrieval from Core Banking Solution
  • Facility for de-duplication & consolidation
  • Elimination of data error ( Data Enrichment)
  • Tools for Data cleansing & pruning
  • Risk Mitigation facilities and interface with all the external data engines like FCA, Royal Mail DB, NI, Companies House,, ISO ..etc
  • Data validation facility based on FSCS guidelines
  • Quick turnaround time with less than 45 minutes to process the entire data and the output
  • State of art technological platform with SSIS , SQL 2012, ETL & DOT Net Framework 4
  • Product built on OOTB (Out of the Box) model and can be plugged in to most of the core banking solutions including Misys Equation, Fusion Banking Essence, Finacle, FlexCube & Temenos T24 and highly scalable to any volume of data.
  • The tool collects, analyses, monitors, audits and validates data and then reports from thousands of customer records with high level dashboard for tracking and control.
  • Data validation checks are added every month and our team ensures all the latest changes by FSCS implemented and integrated and patches rolled out periodically.
  • Facility to provide extensive validation following FSCS COMP Validation rules to the tune of 140+ and more and added every month. This enables the bank to carry out Unification, Harmonisation, Adjustments & Enrichment.
  • External datasets are engaged for the enrichment including FCA, Royal Mail, ISO, GOV.UK & Companies House.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Our product has gone through years of optimisation and improvements to provide world class platform to fulfil 360 degree of FSCS requirements and fully enable the bank comply with PRA’s DGSD rules where none of other products in the market satisfies entire cycle of clients requirement.
  • Our Regulatory products has been built on the standards of ETL and Data Mining. Highly scalable and customisable thus enable the deposit takers to fulfil their regulatory obligation of submitting the FSCS file within the timeline with utmost data accuracy.
  • Most of our customers pass through FSCS drill and receive Amber or Green status as their data continue to be audited daily with necessary remediation.
  • The product carries out regular audit to address the gap in customer data, Tool to cleanse the customer data using third party API’s and datasets, Functionally rich product having extensive knowledge base acquired over years of stakeholder engagement ( Regulatory Drills, External & Internal Audits ).

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