Enterprise Data Warehousing & Mining Suite

Report Miner has been originally developed to provide data mining facility for Core Banking Reports and further it has been enhanced to hold archive facility in a Centralised repository so the data can be queried using a web based front end tool. Later we have developed an engine to retrieve from various data sources, index, catalogue, transform then store the data both the source and converted vertical data in a database as well as physical location. Both are used as an End points to various dependent reporting tools to produce countless Management Reports using SAP Crystal Reports, Excel Macro & Enterprise warehousing systems.

In addition, a basic version of CRM has been integrated to enable work flow management to manage the document between the departments including access and control.

The product is matured over the last five years and scaled up to latest technological platform on ETL principal thus provides very stable platform for all report processing facility for any bank on any volume and can be easily scaled up both hardware and data volume size.

Enterprise Data Warehousing & Mining Suite – Product Feature

  • Preparing Data: Effortlessly collect, prepare and clean data. Combine, Join, Wrangle, Blend & Append.
  • Accessing Multi-Structure Data Sources: Access data trapped in multi-structured documents such as PDFs and Log Files as well as traditional databases and real time streams.
  • Masking Data: Easily remove or obscure confidential data such as NI numbers & Passport Number
  • Curating Data: Manage and maintain data with ease.
  • Automating Tasks: Save time by automating repetitive data acquisition, conversion, and distribution.
  • Reduced Costs: Automatically move stale/archive data to a more cost effective storage tier, freeing up space on high cost production storage arrays.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Preserve important documents, e-mails, and other critical data.
  • Online Access With Extended Indexing and Cataloguing: Improve information access by keeping data online and readily accessible and reusable. As the most data are indexed its totally possible to locate the document under few seconds using sophisticated filters.
  • Storage Efficiency: Reclaim terabytes of storage capacity on production storage by migrating older or infrequently accessed data from primary systems to more cost-effective archival storage.
  • Reduced Backup Time: Reduce the time to complete backups by archiving unchanged/stale data.
  • Automated Processes: Free up operational resource, saving time and money, enabling rapid retrieval of information.
  • Facility to import third party API into the central repository with clear segregation with equation data
  • Flexible to work with most of the data sources and flexible to transform the data into any relational databases / PC based application formats.
  • Automated scheduler designed to run email distribution on both manual and automatic. Regular reports can be extracted and send to respective user group as an email.
  • Facility to customise the report content, email group configuration, subject…etc. through email content management.
  • Scheduler has the facility to take backup on the final report output data on daily basis.
  • Users can build their own query, view and reports and store as a User Defined Query and recall, preview, print and export the data.

Enterprise Data Warehousing & Mining Suite – Licencing Model

  • Licence Type:
    • Recurring Licence (Yearly) - On premises or Cloud
      Full Automation as a SaaS model ( Software as a subscription)
    • One-Off Licence
      Consulting, Gap Study, Project Management and other value added services.

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