Our Expertise on T24 Products

Retail Banking (Consumer Banking)

Our T24 Consulting and Technical team has provided countless trainings to T24 /T24 MBS (Micro Banking suite) resources across various regions in this domain. Our T24 consultant was also awarded 'best performer' during her career in T24/T24 MBS projects such as Training, implementation, upgrades etc.


Corporate Banking (Trade Finance/Documentary Credits, Documentary Collections & Bank Guarantees)

Our VP - T24 Global Delivery is an International Trade Specialist with Distinction grade from electronic Business School of Ireland and Founder have successfully implemented TradeFinance/Guarantees modules in various projects across different regions.


Treasury Banking(Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Revaluation, Position Management)

Our VP - T24 Global Delivery has successfully completed the implementation of above products in various projects for example Marfin Bank Romania, TC Ziraat Bank Jeddah.

Our VP - T24 Global Delivery also has a real time exposure to various Trade Finance/Treasury projects from different regions such as Requirements gathering, implementation, Migration, development, testing & support.


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