Fall Back Arrangement

PSD2 –Applying for Exemptions to avoid Fall Back Arrangement– EBA/FCA

  • What is Fall Back arrangement requirement for ASPSP ?
    Fall back arrangement is to provide alternative connectivity for the TPP’s to route the traffic if the primary one fails. ASPSP has to ensure AISP’s and PISP’s can exercise where the primary interface to ASPSP fails or underperforming then they can route the traffic to the secondary one to provide uninterrupted service to PSU.

EBA has clarified ASPSPs must provide regulators with the following

  • “A summary of the results of the testing“
  • Copy of "the feedback received" from TPP that participated in the testing
  • “The issues identified and a description of how these issues have been addressed“

Minimum of three months audit log of testing must be required to support the application for exemptions not to have a Fall Back Exemptions from EBA/FCA.

In order to consider the exemptions application the audit log should reflect the following

  • Number of TPP’s that have used the ASPSP’s production environment
  • Steps taken by ASPSP to resolve reported issues by TPP’s to aim “Wide-Usage” by providing reliable connectivity.
  • Feedback received from TPP’s on Issues Reported Vs Resolution

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