Common Reporting Standard – OECD (AEOI)

Product Feature

  • Reliable: More than 5 banks are currently using our solution in UK Foreign Bank Market and another 25 more banks are on the pipeline.
  • Adaptable: Suitable to any business – from small/medium Financial Institutions to large financial groups and service providers.
  • Flexible implementation: Cube and Hub-based implementations can be combined with any core banking solutions
  • Consistent: Standardised and automated reporting solution.
  • Streamlined: Single and standardised tax-reporting tool, connected with a user-friendly and powerful user-interface.
  • Always up-to-date: Bilateral and multilateral agreements linked to CRS are added and are likely to evolve further in the next months/years. We closely monitor and implementing the changes that take place around the OECD Common Reporting Standard.
  • Assistance of Macro Global Subject Matter experts all year around
  • Scalability, multi-entity & multi-business areas.Thousands of data-quality controls and integrity checks
  • Fully customisable and SSRS based client reports. Manual and/or automated ETL processes, including Referential/Mapping features.
  • Figure analysis/business intelligence (BI) and management reporting (KPIs). Centralised (hub) architecture & Existing standard data interfaces with core systems
  • Fast and straightforward deployment. Archiving, backup, audits and logs managements. Data encryption, Correction and Consolidation functions
  • Advanced roles and security administration. Reduced implementation and maintenance costs.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Component to Identify accounts which are reportable, Intelligent classification process and audit to ensure accuracy, Gap Study and parameter porting.
  • Web based Secure Portal to mange the complete Due-diligence requirement with Entity, Individual & Controlling person – Centralised Repository to streamline the reporting data set, customer’s response & review – Automated Indicia search, UTR validation
  • Component to consolidate, validate and enable error free automated direct reporting to HMRC complying with 360 degree of their requirement with utmost data accuracy.
  • The product currently covers over 175 jurisdictions for FATCA reporting and early adopter countries that have been published for CRS. It easily integrates with any organization’s existing process to ensure seamless workflow and delivery.

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