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Customer Pain Points & Solutions - Fully Resolved

FSCS SCV Enterprise Solution Suite delivers you fully resolved air-tight solutions to all your data related pain points in FSCS SCV report submission. All these could be achieved in just 3 simple steps.

Jan 6th 2021

Why Banks need FSCS SCV Regulatory Reporting Tool?

Financial institution's data across the organisation in siloed applications and data stores and sharing data between different parts of their banking institution is difficult and requires manual effort every time data is shared.

Dec 30th 2020


Why banks in UK need FSCS Single Customer view Automation/Audit?

If you are planning on using your data to make informed decisions and forecast what you should be doing more of for future business growth, you need to make sure that your data is accurate, complete, and duplicate free.

Dec 23rd 2020

Stay FSCS compliant always with our SCV Alliance – FSCS SCV Audit Platform

At Macro Global, we firmly believe that it’s simply a case of having the capability to build a consistent actionable dataset that is accurate. We help the firm to transform and unlock the data from a legacy application.

Dec 9th 2020


FSCS SCV report submission made easy in 3 steps

Our SCV Alliance - FSCS SCV Audit Platform is a regulatory reporting solution designed and suitable for the financial institution to control, automate and flexible to meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Nov 25th 2020

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